The Spring Awakening-Themed Shipping/Smut Meme

Your days of childhood are over; you can feel it in your very core. Just like the change of the seasons, it's time for you to become an adult - it's your spring awakening, where urges and desires in both body and mind are new. Just a few years ago, you never felt like this, especially not towards your friends and others around you. Unfortunately, the land and time you live in allows no exploration of these burgeoning new feelings. It's the 19th century, known for its overall puritanical repression, and it's all you've known. The adults in your life have taken these views to heart, and they're no use in this tumultuous period of youth. If they knew what you were thinking about, what you were'd be done for!

So, what can you do? Will you be curious about your newfound needs or ignore them and treat them with disdain just like the elders? Surely, no matter how much you want to know what all this means, you can't indulge!

If you do, however, at least it's a fleeting sin. This will not stain your soul or ruin your life forever. Of course, do you really know the consequences?

  • This meme is based on the musical Spring Awakening, which is itself based on a German play from the turn of the century. However, you don't have to know the canon at all. The tl;dr version is old timey kids dealing with modern problems like lust and love and coming into their own.
  • Comment with your character and preferences. You might also want to include what your character would be like in this world. Feel free to age them down, AU, whatever you'd like!
  • The musical this is based off has triggering material such as underage sexuality, abuse, and all manner of other not so nice things. Tread lightly.
  • All prompts are based off of song titles and themes.
  • Reply to others! Be respectful.

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